Product Advantages

Organic fertilizer products

Our product using the essence of materials from marine and terrestrial that patented, the main raw materials are straw, manure and other renewable energy, hence the cost are more stable than raw material of chemical fertilizers. Through experiment result, significantly enhanced the resistance and quality and increasing 7-9% average yield of rice after use. It is an environmentally friendly, organic production, providing a full range of plants rich in nutrients.

We cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Biotechnology-The Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology which is the first institute begining scientific and technological research in the field of bio-fertilizer, with China's most advanced scientific equipment to master the world's advanced bio-resources and owned a number of academicians and well-known experts. The Deputy Director of its New Fertilizer Technology Center is Haixin's technical adviser.

Herbal tea products

Dadi has the honour to co-operate with Haixin to promote herbal tea series globally.

Our Rose tea....

Mild Rose tea makes you calm, anti-depressed and pressure release, it would also recuperate emotion ups and downs which lead to menstruation. Our Rose tea introduce Heilongjiang Wild Red Rose that grew in Da Hinggan ling, Heilongjiang. No artificial pigment nor second pricing. We Strongly suggest mixing with honey that bring strong fragrance.

Our Virgin soybean oil....

Mixed grain are popular resource in Heilongjiang. Soybean in Heilongjiang planted by black soil, this organic product used non-GMO soybean with traditional skill process, retain soybean nutrient component. Apply this product for cooking purpose, not only rich soybean favour but also decrease serum cholesterol. It contains Linoleic acid that contribute to brain development and control cataract and the pathology of Cardio-cerebrovasular disease of the elderly.


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