About DADI

About DADI

US-Dadi Fertilizer Industry International, Inc. was founded in August 2010 in California, United States. The main business of the company is in bio-organic fertilizers produced in Heilongjiang provience of Mainland China.

The Beginning of DADI

Haixin company was founded by Mr. ZhaoRong Liu who is the father of Mr. Haitao Liu, the executive director of US-Dadi. Adopting unique formula and advance technologies, the quality of rice is greatly recognized by local community and farmers.

Haixin crisis

The growth of Haixin was accelerated as it wants due to the fierce competition in the domestic market and its limited capital flow.  The senior management of Haixin recognized that it must seek for capital from global financial market in order to further expand itself into the global market.

Turn the tables

At the time, when the Liu had no idea how to enter to the global market,  the Association for the Promotion of Modern Agriculture in Heilongjiang province recommend them to join the US-International Federation for Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises at the 20th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair in June 2010. Mr. Haitao Liu joined the Federation and under its support, he founded the US-Dadi Fertilizer Industry International Inc. in California in August 2010.

Breakthrough in the international market

In August 2013, under the assistance of the US-International Federation for Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises and the management advices from the Integrated Creative Investment Consulting Group, US-Dadi Fertilizer Industry International Inc was successfully listed, ticket symbol ‘USDF’, in the US OTC-QB market.  This was a astonishing giant leap for an enterprise originated in the rural village in Heilongjiang, the northern part of China.  The public listing of US-Dadi has drawn attention from and support by governments in both China and United States.



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